Smart Textiles- On Review

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Z. Rasmin Thahani


Smart Textiles Are Intelligent Textile Structure That Can Sense And React To Environmental Stimuli, Which May Be Mechanical, Thermal, Chemical, Biological, And Magnetic Among Others. Research And Development Towards Wearable Textile-Based Personal Systems Allowing E.G. Health Monitoring, Protection & Safety, And Healthy Lifestyle Gained Strong Interest During The Last 10 Years. The Functionalities Include Aesthetic Appeal, Comfort, Textile Soft Display, Smart Controlled Fabric, Fantasy Design With Color Changing, Wound Monitoring, Smart Wetting Properties And Protection Against Extreme Variations In Environmental Conditions. This Paper Describes About Smart Textiles And Some Types Of Smart Textiles Used In Industry. It Also Describes The Current Status Of Research And Development Of Wearable Systems By Reporting The Salient Characteristics Of The Most Promising Projects Being Developed And The Future Challenges In This Area.

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